The Love Pink Opal Leather Wrap Bracelet


Bring love and hope into your life with this rare breathtaking Pink Opal Wrap Bracelet. This stunning bracelet is beautifully made with precious Pink Opal Crystal Beads and hand-tied with genuine brown leather.

Measurements: The bracelets offers two different sizes through the two different clasps, and fits wrist sizes 6.5 inch to 8.5 inch (17 cm to 20.3 cm).

Pink Opal is a rare crystal known as the Stone Of Hope. Pink opal will heal and calm all matters of the heart helping you to let go of previous wounds. This wonderful stone will help you heal from past or current break-ups and help you to move forward with an healed and open heart. Pink Opal also has wonderful benefits when it comes to enhancing and attracting love. It will promote a more loving and passionate relationship allowing a deeper connection to form with your partner. This is the perfect crystal for bringing your heart chakra back to harmony.


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