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The Starry Night Inspired Sterling Silver 925 Enamel Ring


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Inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s ‘ Starry night’, this beautifully handcrafted sterling silver ring looks as though it were taken directly from the painting itself…

S925 using silver to create a single ring, enamel surface to make the effect of the sky, the moon and stars for the gold plating.  Mainly in  cloisonne , the colorful oil dripping process depicts the scene in Van Gogh's oil painting (Starry Night) on the surface of the ring.  

Blue represents sadness, cypress symbolizes evergreen, golden star is a dream and hope.  When the pine trees touch the bright moon and stars, dreams can be realizes, lonely and sadness all the way is not afraid. 


A Word From the Designer : “I have a small wish in my heart that I always make when I see a star. I wish that I am the lonely Cypress tree, painted by Van Gogh's brush.”

Customer Reviews

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Very nice, my enchanted girl and they came with gift, thank you.


Arrived mega fast, tracking said the estimate delivery was the day 12 Jun until 11 Jul but arrived on 28 May. they are beautiful!


Great ring. I 've been wearing it for a month, including a couple of times in the pool. And once in the bath forgot to remove, it certainly heated, but not like metal, which would burn the whole finger, so the silver composition is confirmed experimentally. For a month nothing got off and did not break off. It's been a couple of weeks.


They're awesome. I thought it was too pretentious, but no. Came in an ordinary paper bag, due to the whistle cases-drove well. The case is a rigid plastic frame (thick enough) and a food film, between the layers of which the rings are fixed. Another seller put a insanely soft and pleasant to the touch toy-keychain banana. There was a parcel for 13 days, the seller thought about 3-5. Rings are heavy, customized for size has not tried yet, the blue fill is a little shiny, quite qualitatively executed.


I'm delighted! I really like it! Very worthy thing, looks beautiful on the hand! The decoration is cool, you can safely take it as a gift! There's a test. I hope it will show itself in dignity. It came quickly, the track was tracked. Put another cute banana, thank you i'm happy with the order!

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